Skin Cancer Services

What is a Skin Check?


A thorough assessment of your skin involves a detailed history about your previous skin problems and risk factors for skin cancer as well as a careful examination under good lighting and with the aid of a dermatoscope.

A dermatoscope is a type of hand-held skin microscope which increases the detection of early skin cancers by about 30%. A skin check can be performed for anyone who is concerned about their skin. Based on this assessment your doctor can advise you on your relative level of risk for developing skin cancers and make recommendation about how often you should have your skin checked.

Risk factors for skin cancer include: 

  • Immunosuppressed (medication or medical condition)

  • previous radiotherapy or organ transplant

  • multiple moles

  • fair skin that burns easily

  • a history of significant sun exposure

  • a family history or personal history of skin cancers

  • age 40 yrs and over




Your doctor is able perform a skin check, but we have weekly clinics, on Tuesdays, where you can see a doctor with a special interest in skin.

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Skin Surgery 

Plantagenet Medical has opened a Treatment Room, where minor skin surgery can be performed, including removal of skin lesions by doctors, with the assistance of our nursing team.

Fee Information about Procedures and Skin surgeries in the Practice