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Health Assessments 

Health Assessments are a Medicare initiative aimed at allowing people who may be at risk of illness or who are in a particular age bracket, to have a comprehensive health assessment completed. At Plantagenet Medical we are happy to perform any of these health assessments for you and usually book you to see a nurse followed by your doctor to complete the assessment and make recommendations. Best of all, Health Assessments are bulk billed so there is no out-of-pocket cost to you. Have a look at the following list and see if you qualify for a Health Assessment.  

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health check can be offered every 9 months for all age groups.

Healthy Kids Check for children >3yrs and <5yrs old who have received or are receiving their 4 year old immunisations

Type 2 Diabetes Risk Evaluation for people 40-49 years old with a high risk of developing diabetes. Are you at risk? check out this online risk assessment tool

45-49 year old check for those in this age group who are at risk of developing chronic disease (provided only once)

Over 75 year old  health check an annual health assessment for those in this age group

Comprehensive Medical Assessment for residents in aged care facilities. An annual assessment completed onsite at the aged care facility

Health Assessment for those with an intellectual disability (can be offered annually)

Refugee Health Check for refugees or humanitarian entrants (provided once)

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