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Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management Plan

If you have a chronic medical condition you may get Medicare Benefits for Allied health services to help manage your condition.

Examples: Diabetes, Heart disease, Asthma

Chronic medical condition

A medical condition is chronic if you've had it for at least 6 months or it's terminal.

Who can get a Management Plan

If you have a chronic medical condition you can get a management plan from your GP.

Types of Management Plans

There are 2 types of management plans:

  • a GP management plan (GPMP), and

  • a team care arrangement (TCA) plan

If you’re eligible and your doctor prepares both of these plans, you may get medical benefits for specific allied health services. For example physiotherapy services.

GP Management Plan

This is an agreed action plan between you and your GP. It:

  • identifies your health care needs

  • sets out the services your GP provides, and

  • lists what you need to do

Team Care Arrangement

You’ll get a team care arrangement plan if you need treatment from your doctor and at least 2 other health professionals. The treatment must relate to your medical condition.

At Plantagenet Medical, you can see your regular GP for a Management Plan. These consultations are Bulk-billed (no gap payable).

Bookings must be made by telephone (98921000)

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